Employer Payment Process for Flight Bookings

  1. Booking and Authorization
    • Booking Request: The employee logs into the IndiFly365 and selects their desired flight itinerary.
    • Authorization: The employee submits the booking request for approval to their supervisor by providing the employer email address.
  2. Approval
    • Supervisor Review: The supervisor or the travel department reviews the bookin request sent through email.
    • Approval: If the booking request is approved, the supervisor or the travel department provides authorization for the flight booking.
  3. Payment Setup
    • Payment Method: The travel department or the employee selects the preferred payment method for the flight booking by clicking on the payment link sent inthe email. This may include using a corporate credit card, company bank account.
  4. Booking Confirmation and Payment
    • Booking Confirmation: The employee receives confirmation of the approved booking through the IndiFly365.
    • Payment: Depending on the chosen payment method:
    • Corporate Credit Card: The payment is processed using the company's corporate credit card through the IndiFly365.
  5. Ticket Issuance
    • Ticket Issuance: Once payment is confirmed, the IndiFly365 issues ticket which is sent to the email used to register and book the tickets.