Flight Ticket Booking Application - Privacy Policy

  1. At IndiFly365, we are dedicated to upholding our Privacy Policy to meet your travel needs, provide accurate information, ensure the security of your personal data, and deliver top-quality service. We continuously work to enhance our service standards, improving your overall user experience while adhering to our Privacy Policy.
  2. Understanding Our Privacy Policy

    • We kindly request you to carefully review the terms outlined in our "Privacy Policy." This document explains how we collect, utilize, and safeguard your personal information. Your acceptance of our Privacy Policy is crucial for receiving the best service possible.
  3. Suppliers and Your Information

    • Suppliers in our context refer to the airlines we are associated with. On www.indifly365.com, we feature flight deals from these suppliers. To ensure your travel needs are met effectively, we may share your personal information with these suppliers, granting them access to your details. The airline you book through us may also contact you to verify the information you provided. We advise you to review the privacy policy of the respective airline when availing of their services through IndiFly365.
  4. Third-Party Associates

    • Our network of associates includes credit card verification agents, fraud investigators, customer service representatives, and business analysts, all of whom are third-party vendors. We provide these vendors access to your personal data exclusively to streamline the flight booking process. We grant access solely to those whose services are pertinent to your flight reservation request.
  5. Business Partners in Our Network

    • We collaborate with various service providers as part of our business network to enhance and expand our services. When necessary to fulfill your travel needs, we may share your information with these partners. Please take a moment to review the privacy policies of our business partners, as they fall outside our direct control.
  6. Corporate Affiliates

    • Our corporate affiliates span various service providers in both travel and non-travel sectors. We engage in mutual marketing and promotion to benefit our users. To facilitate your access to their services, we may share your details with these affiliates, who employ robust security measures to safeguard the information you share with them.
  7. Privacy Compliance

    • All the groups mentioned above, including our associates, are committed to adhering to their respective privacy policies to prevent identity theft and protect your personal data. Sharing the personal details mentioned above is mandatory for flight booking and payment processing. Additionally, we may require your frequent traveler number to process flight booking requests and notify you of earned points. If you intend to book a flight for someone else, you will need to provide their personal details.
  8. Member Enrollment and 'IndiFly365' Account

    • To become a member, you must create an "IndiFly365" account using a unique username and password on our website. During the account creation and member profile completion processes, you will be asked to provide personal details. These details are used for user identification, identity verification, registration and booking confirmations, payment transactions, and overall information improvement.
  9. Rewards Program

    • IndiFly365 offers a distinctive Rewards program for registered users. By enrolling in this program and sharing your personal information and contact details with us, you can earn points for online member enrollment and flight bookings. These earned Rewards points can be redeemed for discounts on future flight bookings.
  10. Call Recording and Monitoring

    • Calls to and from our customer support may be recorded or monitored for staff training, quality control, data analysis, and potential future use in case of a chargeback or legal dispute. Any sensitive personal information shared during a call is securely maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  11. Privacy on Social Media

    • Our Privacy Policy extends to interactions on social media platforms, predominantly Facebook and Twitter. When you reach out to us through social media, whether before or after booking your travel, we may access information such as your name, gender, residence, profession, email address, and other publicly visible details from your social media profile. Our access to this information depends on your social media privacy settings, and we do not access or utilize data related to your social media contacts.
  12. Privacy in Other Online Communication

    • Our Privacy Policy also applies to the sharing and collection of your personal information through other forms of online communication, including chat applications and your 'IndiFly365' account on our website. Section Header: Website Security Measures
  13. Website Security Measures

    • Your online security is a priority for us while browsing our website, indifly365.com. We have implemented advanced security features, including firewalls and encryption methods, to protect your user data.
  14. Legal and Judicial Proceedings

    • In cases of legal or judicial proceedings related to unauthorized account access, hacking, or misuse of personal information, we retain the right to share your personal details with legal authorities.
  15. Modifications to Privacy Policy

    • We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy at any time. You will receive an email notification of any changes. These modified or newly added terms will become effective once the page is updated. Continued use of our website signifies your consent to accept the updated or modified Privacy Policy.