Flight Application Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Booking Accuracy and Compliance

    • To ensure a seamless flight reservation process, it is imperative that you furnish us with accurate and verifiable information. At IndiFly365, we strictly adhere to the principle of not entertaining any form of misrepresentation of facts.
  2. Booking Cancellation Policies

    • Please be informed that we retain the right to cancel your booking in the event of any default on your part, which includes unauthorized travel-booking requests or incorrect information provided during or after the booking and ticketing process.
    • In such instances, IndiFly365, at its sole discretion, may opt to cancel the booking without prior notification. We want to emphasize that we shall not bear any liability to compensate for any losses incurred by you or provide a refund against the cancelation.
  3. Prohibited Booking Practices

    • It's important to understand that engaging in unfair booking practices, such as hidden-city ticketing and back-to-back ticketing, is strictly prohibited by most airlines. These practices can result in booking cancelations, denial of boarding, or additional costs.
    • We strongly advise you to review and comply with the terms of service of the relevant airline when booking your travel and related services through India Eagle. Please be aware that if you are found to be involved in these forbidden practices, we also reserve the right to cancel your booking with the relevant airline, and no refund requests will be accepted in such cases.
  4. Booking Violations

    • Booking multiple trips to the same destination, under the same name, and with the same airline for corresponding travel dates is not permitted.
    • Additionally, booking a connecting flight with stopovers between the departure and arrival points with the intention of disembarking at the connection point instead of completing the journey by booking a direct flight is considered a violation of airline policies.
  5. No-Show Tickets and Cancellation

    • Failure to either board a confirmed flight before its scheduled departure or cancel your reservation by contacting the airline or IndiFly365 in a timely manner will result in your ticket being classified as a 'No-show' ticket. These tickets are non-reusable and non-refundable, and airlines automatically cancel them. A 'No-show' ticket applies to your entire reservation, leading to the cancelation of the entire itinerary, including connecting and return flights, in accordance with airlines' terms and conditions.
  6. Reservation Alteration and Fare Revisions

    • Under certain circumstances, such as fare errors, incorrect fare displays, issues with the booking page, or problems with the payment system, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. In such cases, if your ticket is refundable, we may consider your refund request or provide alternative options.
    • It's essential to note that a booked itinerary is only confirmed once it has been ticketed. Airlines may revise the fare of ticketed itineraries, and while we ensure customers are informed of fare revisions, we cannot be held responsible for these changes.
  7. Refund Policies and Exchange Options

    • Typically, confirmed airline bookings are non-refundable. However, in some cases, airlines may grant a refund if you cancel your trip by contacting our customer service at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. Partially used tickets, as seen in one-way, round trips, and multi-city trips, cannot be canceled or refunded.
    • Non-refundable tickets may be exchanged for a new ticket with the same airline for travel on a different date at an equal or higher fare, subject to the airline's policy.
  8. Flight Schedule Changes and Extreme Weather

    • In the event of flight schedule changes by the airline on the day of departure or flight cancellations within four hours of departure, we will notify you through various channels, with email communication considered the final means of notification if other methods fail.
    • Some flights and itineraries are non-refundable within four hours of the scheduled departure time. In such cases, please refer to the relevant airline's refund policy or contact them directly.
    • Extreme weather conditions on the day of departure or delays and cancellations in transit or destination cities may lead to flight schedule changes. Airlines have the sole authority to decide on refunds in such circumstances.
  9. Flight Schedule Modifications and Waivers

    • Airlines may modify flight schedules at any time, and if your confirmed flight schedule is changed within 90 minutes before departure, we recommend contacting the airline for cancelation and refund procedures. Please note that IndiFly365 does not assume responsibility for refunds in this scenario.
    • Generally, airlines offer waivers or refunds for involuntary flight schedule changes exceeding 90 minutes. These waivers/refunds are subject to airline policies, over which we have no control.
  10. Operational Delays and Travel Documents

    • If a connecting flight at a transit airport is delayed or canceled due to operational issues, IndiFly365 is not responsible for refunds. We recommend reaching out directly to the airline for assistance and updates on the flight status.
    • Travelers are urged to verify the travel documents required for international travel with the relevant embassy or airline. It is essential to contact the relevant embassy/consulate or the validating/operating airline to ensure you possess the correct and valid travel documents, including passport, visa, vaccination certificates, and COVID-19 test reports, as required by the airline, destination country, or transit countries.
  11. Service Fees and Additional Charges

    • We charge a service fee for both online and offline booking of itineraries, covering a range of value-added services such as 24-hour customer support, ticketing support, technology support, airfare alerts, rescheduling/cancelation/refund assistance, fare revision/flight schedule change notifications, and more. The service fee varies based on ticket type, fare type, travel class, destinations, routes, and seasonality.
    • When making payments in a different currency, the service fee will be converted as per the applicable currency exchange rate.
    • or last-minute bookings required for emergency travel, an additional processing fee is applied to cover extra security measures, including customer identity verification and fraud prevention tools.
    • We retain the right to revise service fees for regular reservations and additional processing fees for last-minute bookings at our discretion. Please be aware that these fees are non-refundable, even if you choose to reschedule or cancel your booking directly with the airline.
  12. Terms of Service and Disputes

    • By accepting our Terms of Service, you agree not to dispute charges for airfare, service fees, airline penalties (in case of cancelation), change/exchange fees (for date changes), and fare adjustments (in case of fare differences) debited from your credit card. If you have inquiries about any fees charged to your credit card, please contact us via email or phone before disputing them with your credit card company.
  13. E-Tickets and Technical Errors

    • If you have purchased a travel product through our website and have not received your E-tickets or other products within 24 hours, it is your responsibility to promptly contact IndiFly365 to address the issue.
    • In the rare event of being charged twice due to technical errors, we strongly recommend notifying us rather than initiating a chargeback. We will swiftly resolve the issue and credit the additional amount to your account. Initiating a chargeback for technical flaws may result in the cancelation of your booking.