Our Terms and Conditions

  1. Quotation and Fare Information

    • Availability and Currency Fluctuations: Please keep in mind our quotations are subject to availability and may change even due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.
    • Fares and Ticketing: Fares guaranteed only once tickets are issued.
    • Ticketing Deadline: "Fare is never guaranteed unless ticketed." Ticketing deadline is a mere indication of our effort on holding the airline inventory for some time only and no way signifies our authority of holding the price of the booking.
  2. Supplier Terms and Conditions Apply

    • It is recommended that you check and accept the policies of the airline that you want to fly with, at the time of booking with us.
  3. Booking Practices and Restrictions

    • Hidden-City Ticketing and Back-to-Back Ticketing: Most airlines do not accept unfair booking practices such as hidden-city ticketing and back-to-back ticketing. These are strictly forbidden practices which result in non-refundable booking cancellation, denial to boarding, or additional cost.
    • (Back-to-Back Ticketing - Booking several trips to the same destination, in the same name and with the same airlines, on corresponding or close travel dates. Hidden-city-ticketing - Booking a connecting flight with one stop or more in between the departure and arrival points to get down at the connection point without completing the journey, instead of booking a direct flight.)
  4. Passenger Information

    • Name Accuracy: You must ensure that the name(s) of passenger(s) are exactly the same as mentioned on the passport(s) before submission for flights. In place of the complete middle name, the initial of the first middle name is acceptable to avoid the limitation of maximum number of characters in the name.
    • Seating Requests: Airlines have the right to change seating requests due to possible change in seat configuration of operating flights.
    • Passport and Travel Documents: It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain and carry a valid passport and any other documents including visas and international certificates of vaccination required for travel to, from destination. Passports must be valid for more than 6 months from last date your travel, with blank pages. Please check for Visa, transit visa, and other required documents directly through the respective consulate/ embassy of the countries you may be visiting to/traveling through.
    • Travel Insurance: We recommend adequate travel insurance to cover all persons booking travel arrangements.
    • Special Handling Requirements: Please make sure any special handling requirements, e.g. unaccompanied minors, wheelchair, bassinet for infant under 9 months, car seat for seated infants or assistance for medical reasons are made well in advance. Car seat for seated infant is not available with most of the carriers. Sometimes you may need to arrange one your own before departure if required.
  5. Confidentiality and Security

    • You acknowledge of not sharing the confidential details of your e-Ticket with any third party. Any third party may misuse the information for some illegal purpose or personal benefit if the confidentiality is breached.
  6. No-Show Policies and Check-In

    • No-Show Policies: The No-show policies are different with different airlines. If the passenger is unable to check in and /or board a flight that is considered to be a no-show. However, any passenger needs to make a change on the reservation or a cancellation should contact us or the issuing airline at least 24 hours before the original departure time. We may consider a request within 24 hours of departure on a case to case basis only. It is imperative for the customer to be at the check-in counter at least 3 hours before departure. The check-in gates of all airlines do open at least 4 hours before the departure.
    • Check-In Requirements: If the customer is unable to understand any part of our terms and conditions or airline rules/policies, should communicate with our travel consultants to get clarification over the phone or through the email before confirming any reservation through us.
  7. Cancellation and Refund Policies

    • Voluntary Cancellation: Voluntary cancellation – i.e. If the customer wants to cancel a booking with us. Most of the tickets are non-refundable. However, we consider on a case to case basis and check the possibility of any refund after deducting the airline penalty and applicable transaction surcharges. If multiple airlines are involved in the booking the most restricted policy of any of the participating carriers would apply. Issuing carrier’s policy is ignored if less restrictive. On the same day of received request we will initiate the refund process with the airline, but it may take 6 weeks to receive the possible amount back from them.
    • Voluntary Change: Voluntary change - i.e. if the customer wants to make a change on the booking. If allowed by all the airlines on the ticket, only date / schedule can be changed for a request received well in advance of the original departure time as mentioned under no-show policy. Applicable change fee, fare/tax difference and transaction surcharge may be incurred by customer for the change. Fare difference comes due to change in class of service (even under the same cabin), cabin, seasonality, day of the week, etc. Name change/ correction, change of airline are not permitted. Most often routing change is not permitted but may be considered on a case to case basis. Most restrictive policy of any of the participating carrier on the ticket applies. Most of the airlines do not agree to reissue a ticket to a lower fare if available at the time of exchange.
  8. Changes to Terms

    • The Application's owner reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Users will be notified of any changes.
    • Continued use of the Application after the effective date of changes constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.
    • Involuntary Schedule Change or Cancellation: Involuntary schedule change or cancellation - i.e. flight schedule change / cancellation initiated by the airlines and not by our agency. Although we try our best to notify the customers at the earliest possible, through email or over the phone, if such information is received from the airlines on your ticket but can try to resolve the problem according to the policies of the airlines on the ticket. Such situations may come up due to extreme weather problem, technical issues associated with the flight operation, bankruptcy filed by the airlines, strike or civil unrest at the departure/ connecting city/ destination, etc. If the minimum connecting time is not impacted, departure/ arrival/ layover time is not changed by more than 6 hours, boarding airport/ connecting city/ arrival airport is not changed, the airline may not accept a request for free alternate arrangements like re-accommodation on different flight or stay at a hotel. Consideration for free cancellation is done on a case to case basis. If such change or cancellation information is received within 6 hours before the departure time, the customer should take it with the airlines directly at the airport. We may not be able to contact the airlines and resolve the issue over the phone or through email.
  9. Payment Procedures

    • Credit Card Payment: Customer should fill and sign on the Universal Credit Card Charge Form (UCCF) in case wants to pay through the credit or debit card to purchase the tickets and submit the photocopy of both of the sides of the said card and of passport. Signatures of the purchaser should match on all the three documents. Customer many need to pay a bit extra towards the credit card charge fee.
  10. Review and Verification

    • It is the responsibility of the customer to review and verify that all the information related to passengers names, itinerary including times/dates and cities/ airports, special service requests on the final quote from our end or on the issue ticket. Any discrepancy should be brought to our notice on the day (according to our office location) of issuance of ticket through email by 5 pm on working days or over the phone before 8 pm on both weekdays and weekends. Else it may not be possible to resolve the issue at all or if possible that would with extra cost incurred by the customer.
  11. Travel Insurance

    • Review of Insurance Terms: If you have purchased travel insurance to insure your life, baggage, and medical needs while booking a trip through us, you are required to check, read, and understand the terms of the insurance program and the details of coverage as offered by our travel insurance partner. We are not liable for the insurer's terms and conditions related to your claim to reimbursement under the travel insurance program.
  12. Fare and Tax Adjustments

    • Promotional Fares and Airport Taxes: The airlines have the right of introducing promotional fares for closer travel dates to release their unsold inventory. These fares may be cheaper than the fare that you purchased way ahead of the travel date. Passengers are not entitled to claim the refund of the difference between the fare they purchased and available after the promotion, even if those are available at our end. Similarly, airport authorities have the right of introducing new airport taxes or abolishing some pre-existing taxes at their discretion. We should not be held responsible for the collection of any such new tax at the airport counter or non-refund of any tax that has been withdrawn after the ticket issuance.
  13. Additional Fees and Charges

    • The cost of the tickets does not include the baggage fees and/or other non-ticketable taxes and fees that the airlines may charge directly.
  14. Customer Feedback and Reviews

    • Your reviews and feedback - We welcome your honest feedbacks, reviews, and comments in connection with our products and services. We can receive all those through our website www.indifly365.com, Blog, and social media profiles. If found obscene or inappropriate or defamatory or fake, we reserve the right to remove or edit the submission at our sole discretion.
  15. Seeking Clarification

    • If the customer is unable to understand any part of our terms and conditions or airline rules/policies, should communicate with our travel consultants to get clarification over the phone or through the email before confirming any reservation through us.